The Ad Industry/ad:tech is Broken. Is this starting to sound like a broken record?

Put the search term “advertising industry is broken” into any search engine, and you’ll get dozens of articles, outlining the many issues beleaguering the ad industry as we know it.

Digital Advertising: Booming but Broken. Industry groups try to repair broken consumer trust in online ads. Confessions of a media agency CEO: Display ads have never worked. How the advertising industry is wasting talent. Digital dysfunction and the broken ad industry.  Fixing a broken digital ecosystem.  The best time to reinvent advertising is now. Broken trust; Can agencies regain credibility?

Digital ad fraud. AD-BLOCKING. Viewability scandals. Low engagement. Lack of transparency. Skimming, rebates, kickbacks. Seems like a broken industry indeed.  But after all the negativity and mistrust, can the industry really turn over a new leaf and embrace the wave of the future?  How do we re-instill our faith and confidence in processes and institutions that are so archaic, non-transparent and inefficient?

Here’s a few starting points that we as an industry should embrace, and sooner rather than later:



Provide real value to the clients

Explore viable/efficient alternative media placement opportunities. And let’s not get stuck up on the “me too’s” and the trend of digital ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to media buying. IT’S CLEARLY NOT WORKING!

Focus on the user experience

We are in an era of information overload and one could argue an over-consumption of everything digital and social. Effective media buying should encompass a 360 strategy with a healthy combination of traditional and non-traditional/digital and non-digital media placements.

Provide honest and measurable analytics (by introducing hard metrics)

Re-engage with the most creative talent in the industry! Great creative is the backbone to any successful media execution. Address the transparency issues and seek to eliminate the practices of rebates/kickbacks/value pots.

Champion the democratization of advertising space

At the end of the day, both the client and the audience want honesty, value, authenticity, Audiences want an experience that’s engaging, not just entertaining, and NOT interruptive and disruptive.

Clients want their advertising dollars to actually be spent on providing these experiences, not just dumped into digital and programmatic without methodology and measurable results.

And at advertiise, what do we want? We want to help restore faith in the industry in any way we can; ushering in a new era of advertising by constantly challenging the broken model of ad buying and selling as it exists today. We are listening to what people are saying, taking chances and breaking rules!

Let’s all be champions, and hold ourselves accountable and to a higher standard of advertising.

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