Ads On Wheels

This week’s #tuesdaytip comes to you from Jasper, Alberta – where this simple-yet-effective promo/company vehicle caught our attention. Let’s talk about ads on wheels:

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Whether you’re parking your vehicle or driving it around town – don’t try and sell every little thing to people passing by. With ads on wheels, trust your customer – if they need you, they’ll remember you enough to make contact.
  2. SIZE MATTERS: Right ladies? 😉 Yes, size does matters when it comes to FONT SIZE for ads on wheels. You don’t want people having to squint or not be able to read the font of your company name or your contact details. Make it big enough to stand out, but not too big to be an eyesore. And…
  3. WRAP IT UP BABY: There are tonnes of signwriting options for company vehicles (or ads on wheels.) But the CHEAPEST and best option to bring a message to your vehicle is with a vinyl-wrap, instantly turning it into a customer magnet. Vinyl wraps are also great for protecting your paint from road and weather damage including snow.

We can help you design your next company vehicle ad, right through to suggesting vinyl wrap companies in your city. Message us!

A fun or classy vehicle wrap not in your future? No problem! Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to connect with your audience. Check out our blog on Billboard tips for another Out-Of-Home advertising option.

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