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April 03, 2017 11:00 ET

advertiise officially launches its online #advertising marketplace as a way to buy and sell advertising – anytime, anyplace, at any budget

The Canadian adtech startup currently has more than 6,000 ad listings in more than 34 countries

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – April 3, 2017) – advertiise, a Canadian #adtech #startup, has officially launched its evolutionary new platform,, an online #advertising marketplace that connects local, national and global buyers and sellers of #advertisingspace. Anytime, anyplace and at any budget, buyers and sellers can access an inventory of traditional, digital and unique advertising opportunities. The platform already has more than 3,500 users and the marketplace boasts over 6,000 listings in more than 34 countries.

Companies that carry large amounts of advertising inventory can use the advertiise platform as an additional sales tool, one that is less costly than a sales team. The platform is global, so it also opens sales opportunities across previously untapped markets. Small to medium-sized businesses looking for an additional revenue stream can also use advertiise to sell unused and/or unique space within the various parts of their business – from their website to their walls. These types of spaces are often the advertising opportunities large media buyers can’t find using traditional methods. For #mediabuying professionals, advertiise is a great addition to their current buying process. However, the platform will continually evolve to meet their needs, aiming to become media buyers’ primary tool.

Beyond the transaction of advertising space, advertiise also connects advertisers with the service providers required to bring their advertisements to life. Through the affiliate program, advertisers can connect with #graphicdesigners, #photographers, #printers, installers and other service providers. This is particularly helpful for individual and small business advertisers that may lack the resources or vendor relationships to see their vision become reality. For members of the affiliate program, advertiise is an effective tool to gain exposure to additional clientele and grow their businesses.

“advertiise’s innovative approach applies sharing-economy principles to the advertising industry by directly connecting buyers and sellers across the globe,” said Mark Vella, Founder and CEO of advertiise. “On the advertiise marketplace, pricing is transparent and the search and transaction processes are highly intuitive. We’ve seen a strong demand for the service from both small businesses and enterprises alike and look forward to continue building a strong ecosystem for the advertising industry.”

Even before hitting the marketplace, advertiise has created buzz in the market having been selected as one of ten startups to participate in Startup Calgary’s Launch Party in November 2016. advertiise is also one of only 15 startups chosen to take part in sessions with Alberta’s top technology leaders when they participate in the prestigious Roundtable Sessions at A100’s annual flagship event, #AccelerateAB. The event also includes a pitch competition at the conference, which takes place April 19th at the BMO Centre in Calgary.

advertiise was founded by serial entrepreneur Mark Vella, who began R&D for advertiise in 2012. The company has since raised C$500,000 in financing from two seed rounds and expects to raise a Series A in Q4 2017. Currently, advertiise has ten full-time and ten part-time employees based across the globe and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.
For full details and more information about advertiise, please visit and keep up with them on Twitter @advertiise, Instagram @advertiise, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About advertiise

advertiise is the world’s fastest growing advertising marketplace. advertiise’s evolutionary online platform provides an updated way to list, sell and buy advertising across multiple mediums. advertiise’s mission is to connect and expand the advertising community, which it does through not only connecting buyers and sellers, but also all related industries through its affiliate program. advertiise has a vision to unleash a world without limits of expression. Officially launched in Q1 of 2017, advertiise is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has team members across the globe.



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