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billboard ad in the rockies

#tuesdaytip – and this week we’re featuring this great billboard in the Canadian Rockies. Let’s look at what makes this ad so gggrrrreeeeaaatttt.

  1. Create a memorable message: Now, you might not be heading to the mountains to hit the spa today – perhaps you were driving to go on a hike instead. But you’ll definitely be thinking about the Spa as you drive past this billboard. Highlight your KEY MESSAGE and give people a reason to look.
  2. Color is important: The colors you use in your ads will connect with different emotions of your audience. In this case the gradient blue shades invoke calm and peace feelings. The ad wouldn’t have the same feel if the background color was red or black.
  3. Play the looooooong game: this billboard has been on display for a long time meaning that it works or that the company understands their opportunity to build a long-term relationship with the tens of thousands of people driving to the Rockies every single day. That’s tens of thousands of impressions not on social media and not on people’s phones.
billboard ad
Billboard ad

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