Billboards that are Effective

Let’s talk about effective billboards in this week’s #tuesdaytip because this week’s spotlight is a beauty.

  1. NEGATIVE SPACE, POSITIVE MESSAGE: This hotel’s message is so good they literally don’t need to say anything else. Most accommodation decisions are price-motivated, so if your advertising objective is to reach price-motivated travelers, get to the core of your message and don’t feel the need to take up every last bit of space going on and on and on and…
  2. KEEP YOUR DRIVER FOCUSED, NOT DISTRACTED: If your ad speaks to your audience, they’ll find your contact details one way or another. Keep your driver’s attention on the core message and trust the rest. If you give your audience too much to remember they may not remember anything. In this case, the brand/company logo and the core message do the job. And:
  3. PLACEMENT IS KEY: Advertise to your audience where they are – and that’s not always going to be online or on social media. This billboard is in pretty close proximity to the hotel as drivers slowing down exiting the highway. The placement of your advertising is JUST as important as the content itself and traditional advertising yields great ROI as well as brand recognition.

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