Burger King helps with our #TuesdayTip

This week’s #tuesdaytip highlights this very clever hiring ad from Burger King.

And if you’ve seen their ads over the last few years you’ll note that McDonalds and Burger King have been taking swipes at each other and we don’t mind the friendly rivalry. Let’s check out what makes this ad unique:

  1. DON’T BE BORING. Boring ads suck. They’re also pointless if you’re trying to hire someone who should be really excited to work for your company. And even if you’re not looking for work, this ad gets attention.
  2. PUSH BOUNDARIES. Are your ads too safe? Have you always wanted to be a bit clever or use homour in your ads but you’re afraid to? Burger King isn’t specifically mentioning McDonald’s name, but it’s hard not to imagine any other company. And doing it tastefully reaps some pretty big rewards when you develop brand loyalty with your customers.
  3. SCAN MY CODE. See that little square thing in the bottom-corner? That’s called a QR code and EVERYONE’S using them! A QR code allows people to scan the code with their phone, and they’ll be redirected to your website or any online content page you choose. They’re also great for increasing and tracking user engagement.

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