Christmas Advertising Tip

Let’s talk about effective billboard ads in this week’s #tuesdaytip because it’s CHRISTMAS and so many brands may or may not have left their marketing and advertising to the last minute – so getting your message in front of the right audience is KEY – even if you’re the Grinch.

  1. ‘TIS THE SEASON: Do you have a seasonal product or service? The Grinch is a Christmas success story – so standing out in the busy xmas advertising market is crucial to converting eyeballs into sales revenue. And this brand-awareness campaign certainly gets attention. TIP: If you want BIG results – you have to advertise BIG too! And out-of-home billboards make it easy and affordable to reach those larger audiences if you have the ad budget.
  2. TRUST MINIMAL CONTENT: If your ad speaks to your audience, they’ll demand your product. Keep your driver’s attention on the core message and trust the rest. If you give your audience too much to remember they may not remember anything. In this case, people are going to find where they can watch the movie – you really don’t need to tell them any more. And:
  3. PLACEMENT IS KEY: Advertise to your audience where they are – and that’s not always going to be online or on social media. CHILDREN…ARE NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. This billboard screams attention – and with high brand recall, it’s a much better ad than most ads targeting or manipulating younger audiences (and trust us – we don’t like that either!). The placement of your advertising is JUST as important as the content itself and traditional advertising yields great ROI as well as brand recognition.

Do you have a seasonal brand and need an ad campaign executed? Message us – we’d love to help you out!

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