Egaming, Sponsors, and Pro Wrestling X

This week’s #TuesdayTip is sponsored by @prowrestlingX

You may have noticed we’ve been talking alot about egaming and esports advertising. It’s the buzz around town and everyone’s getting into online gaming, including lots of brands looking for new ways to connect with online audiences.

If you’re considering getting into the egaming space and don’t know where to start, consider these tips:

  • Know your Space: Before committing to sponsoring a particular online egame or tournament, it helps to know what (and who) your sponsoring. Consider it no different than sponsoring a ‘real-life’ game or sporting event. Removing the stigma of egaming and esports being somewhat ‘new’, this will help you wrapping your head around the multitude of advertising opportunities and thousands of games/tournaments happening around the world at any time of the day.
  • Know your Audience: Is the gaming audience you’re targeting a mature male audience? or a young female audience? Understanding who is potentially going to be seeing your advertising will assist with greater brand recall AND engagement. 
  • Show us your Assets: Do you have hi-res logos and images? Do you know what a VECTOR file is? Make sure you’re using the correct logo or image files when designing and submitting your advertising content. We’d hate to see your great ads with a pixelated or blurry content. And with this being a high-tech audience – we want you to always look your best 😉 

And if you still need help, get in touch – we’re here to help you win!

Looking for other ways to advertise with sports? Wanna keep it more traditional? Check out our blog on rink ads.


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