Employee Pricing?

We don’t quite know what “employee pricing” is in today’s car-buying experience – is it a wholesale discount? Is it “mates rates”? Is it offered to anyone/everyone that walks into the dealership? And how do you validate “employee pricing” anyway? Is this messaging enough to get you into a @ford dealership and ask questions? Or does this content/messaging fall short of the mark and turn you off? OR – the fact that it leaves you asking [lots of] questions (like us) mean that Ford’s campaign works, AND it is indeed a very smart content campaign?

We know one thing – because Ford has taken ownership on this content messaging, it’s almost impossible for another manufacturer to copy/mimic this campaign. So, in theory -even if the “employee-pricing” model is dead, it essentially brick-walls this content strategy from any other manufacturer and their ability to run a similar campaign. It is in fact, an…intelligent strategy! Ford has not only blocked their competitors from entering this space, they can continue running this campaign until it runs dry, or – until they get bored of running it.

Content is king. Be unique and drive your messaging home with powerful advertising channels to reach your audience. Happy Friiday

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