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Facebook Live Video Streaming in action

Let’s talk about Facebook Live! We have a lot of clients incorporating video streaming into their social media strategy and we love it! Here are some tips to ensure that your followers have their eyes on you. Because let’s face it – who really wants to do all that work for little-to-no results?

  1. Engagement is key! It helps to put your thoughts down on paper first and strategize what you’d like to say before saying it. A good plan will help speed up this process as well. Once you get familiar with your own communication style as well as getting comfortable in front of a camera, it will make creating live streams and sharing with your audience so much easier and more authentic. So many people make the mistake of sounding completely different once the camera starts rolling. And this includes how you speak at a specific pace or tone. You should speak as you would in the real world at a fairly good pace which is clear and audible. Be you, and keep practicing! The more you practice the more confident you’ll be at nailing your next live stream.
  2. Get the tech issues sorted BEFORE the live stream starts! So many live videos go to waste because the first 5 seconds is someone fumbling with the camera saying something like “Are we live? Is this thing working?” Head’s up – your audience has already scrolled on to the next engaging thing on their news feed. Try setting up the camera up properly before you go live and ensure that your microphone is working. Practice an engaging intro that doesn’t waste time getting to the important stuff. And please get the tech issues sorted before you start. You should be having fun – not feeling like the tech gods are out to ruin your plans of creating great content.
  3. Pay attention to Timing! The reality is that Facebook doesn’t care how long your live streams are, and they don’t count a ‘view’ as someone who’s watched your entire video either. There are some guidelines however to increase audience engagement. Once people decide to tune-in, the length of your video is going to be their next key driver in terms of how long they hang around. It’s suggested that the optimal stream length is anywhere between 5-30mins depending on the topic or audience participation. Anything less than 5 mins doesn’t really allow you to build meaningful content into your stream and may not allow for your audience to interact via questions/comments etc. And anything longer than 30 mins may just be too much for people to stop everything else they’re doing. Let your audience know how long your stream is going to be – it may entice someone to pay attention and stay till the very end. After all, what you’re about to say is important and we should all be listening (or watching).

Got any other questions related to live streaming? Or anything to do with social media strategy? Message us – we’d love to hear from you.

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