is there something wrong with Twitter?

As recent participants of the @SocialSummit event in Calgary Alberta, the advertiise team walked away motivated, enthused and PUMPED to re-invigorate and reset our social media strategy. After all, ‘everybody’s doing it‘, right? Well – apparently so!

With large numbers of large & small businesses switching their entire ad budgets towards Social Media, as well as having to employ staff members who SOLELY focus on managing their social presence – it’s a scary thought that:

  1. Most companies still don’t really understand Social; and
  2. There are a lot of people/companies/”experts” who think they know Social – but are really just like everyone else – learning as they go.

So – is that where we’re at in December, 2015? A whole bunch of hearsay from a sector which has grown SO FAST that no one really understands it? Has Social purposely been established in this manner? Perhaps there are many businesses who are feeling the pain of throwing their hard-earned cash at the lucrative promise of engaging their audience – without truly knowing the costs of chasing the elusive Return on Investment.

And what about the creators? The ones who ‘wrote the rules’ – Google, Twitter, Facebook – do you think you can contact a ‘person’ at Twitter and actually speak to a Social consultant about your social media strategy? I think your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s take Twitter for example – they’ve experience some hardships in recent months. Senior Management heads continue to roll, while user engagement continues to plummet.

Is being able to see and contact someone’s followers a fatal flaw in Twitter? Let’s take the following account for example. We recently got a new follower, and upon looking at her stats, we saw that she has 1.13 million followers. That’s right, MILLION!


advertiise - twitter


However, here’s the fundamental error – she is also following 1 million users.  What value would be served if we follow this account back? If she is truly following 1 million users, how is she ever going to see our important messages on twitter? The answer is – she isn’t, and she never will.

And there it is – everyone’s content is important. Everyone wants to be important.

Companies are spending millions of dollars on social engagement, when users are still caught up in the idea of “reaching more followers”, “like for like” campaigns, and wanting to be important.

Perhaps Twitter could simply remove this feature – I mean, do you really need to see how many users someone is following? It would also prevent companies from going into their competitor’s accounts and following all of their followers – that sounds like a logical idea to us.

Following followers, Unfollowing unfollowers – all this following is enough to drive someone mad.

The important lesson is to engage with your audience – no matter how many likes or followers you have. Because whether it be 100 or 100 thousand followers, your core business audience will be the ones providing you with REAL Return on Investment.


Mark Vella

Founder & President – Home of Advertising Space

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