is this the beginning of the democratization of the advertising space race?

Airbnb did it with the shared-accommodation market. Uber did it with the ride-sharing market. And now we’re witnessing the birth of a new share-economy: The advertising space race.

The ad industry has seen many robust changes over the last 10 years as technology continues to change the game, and it appears that entrepreneurs around the globe are looking to capitalize.

Companies like Burke Billboards out of Vancouver, Canada are taking the world by storm – not only taking on the traditional media industry by offering new and exciting advertising opportunities for potential ad buyers, but are also flexing their entrepreneurial strengths by playing in uncharted waters.

Burke Billboards – which offers outdoor billboard advertising rigged to a boat which travels around False Creek Vancouver, essentially does what other ad companies have been doing for years. However, this new advertising opportunity has created quite the local controversy. Locals have even taken up to placing numerous complaints to the city’s 311 information hotline regarding the illuminated floating advertisement.

According to the Burke website, there are plans to run around the harbor from 7am – 11pm and aims to reach hundreds of thousands of people per day.

Owner Tara Burke spoke with and indicated that her business in indeed operating in compliance with all regulations governing waterways.

Complaints are to be expected, but I am confident the relationship between Burke and the public can be smoothed over” She said while reflecting on the positive feedback she has received from the ad industry as well as local patrons who like the floating billboard.

“Along with paid advertisements, we also promise to use the space for public service announcements like amber alerts and weather warnings, as well as free advertising for local charity events and arts groups”.

Mark Vella, Founder & CEO of says that this is just the beginning of a new ‘advertising space race’.

“What companies like Burke Billboards demonstrate is the entrepreneurial spirit and competitive nature within today’s business economy. And as the advertising industry continues to catch up with technology, new advertising opportunities will begin to present themselves to businesses looking to reach their target audiences both in local and global markets”. – based out of Calgary, AB is an advertising marketplace with over 5500 advertising opportunities from around the world and continues to rapidly grow with ad Buyers and Sellers joining the platform everyday.

“We’ve seen the rise and success of many shared-economy marketplaces like Airbnb and Uber, and ultimately both the Vendors and their potential customers are the ones who win. They continue to demand new ways to connect and transact with one-another”.


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He says that Vendors will continue to drive competition and offer new advertising opportunities, ensuring a better playing field for advertising buyers.

We see a lot of traditional media opportunities on advertiise like Newspaper, Magazine and Digital screen advertising. But the exciting discussion point is all of the new and non-traditional opportunities like Burke Billboards presenting themselves. It’s an exciting time to be in advertising”.

There are of course things to consider before playing in the advertising space race.

We ask our Vendors to ensure that they meet their local municipal guidelines before proceeding with creating an ad listing on advertiise, especially when it comes to outdoor or out-of-home ad placements. We want our Vendors to be operating value-driven opportunities and run profitable businesses, as well as not breaking any by-laws”.

So for now – it looks like Burke Billboards is here to stay, and they may very well be the next Canadian-born company to take the advertising industry by storm!

To purchase ad space on Burke’s floating billboard, visit their Addi here: – Home of Advertising Space

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