How to Make a Killer Ad Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Let's build your ad profile!

Want to create an awesome ad profile on Want to attract more business and clients on our platform? Here’s our sure-fire 5 step guide to profile perfection!  Just like any other social media profile, your ad profile is a personal/professional branding tool to help attract new business…with media buyers from across the globe searching for unique adspace to buy, make sure your profile stands out with these easy tips.

1:  Create a Bold Headline

You’re being given space for a tag-line, mission statement, or a headline…so why not captivate your potential buyer with a bold sentence that they can’t turn away from? A compelling headline makes people want to keep reading, so if you lead with a strong message, then the other steps in this article will only amplify your message!

Here’s an example from advertiise member Ad Caddy’s profile:

“Strategic golf-course marketing that targets an affluent and influential demographic”.

Boom. Powerful!

2: Use Colourful, Eye-Catching, High-Res Imagery

Nothing screams “amateur hour” like a profile photo or logo that’s pixelated and poor quality, or worse…images that are NOT yours, aka “borrowed” or copyrighted images! Make sure your profile imagery speaks to your brand.

Profile Photo:

  • Your logo (in high-res) is always a great bet.

Cover Photo:

Your cover photo should be colourful, showcase elements of what your business does, or the industry you are in.

3: Promote Your Brand with Speed and Clarity

Buyers of advertising space want to know 2 things:

  • Who you are and what you do
  • What audiences you serve

You’ve got a few paragraphs to very succinctly lay out this message, so do it with flair and creativity! No one wants to read the copy-and-pasted bio from your company’s website. Use this space to really communicate your unique value proposition to the potential buyers of your adspace.

Check out this deadly profile from our good pals at Bootkik, a fellow #YYC startup killing it in the digital content and video space. Geared toward promoting local entrepreneurs and their successes, Bootkik has an impressive reach, incredible organic social following, and tons of loyal fans of their podcast and video series.

4: Make Sure to Include Links to Drive Traffic BACK to Your Website

Links, links, links! To your website, to your projects. Don’t forget to include them!  Any details you can’t fit in your profile will (hopefully) be on your website. Surprisingly, many folks forget to include their website link in their profiles.

5: Don’t Be Afraid to Toot Your Own Horn

Really showcase the things that make you different and valuable. Highlight your reach, list some current A-list clients, or include a short 2-sentence customer testimonial…don’t be afraid to let your accomplishments shine.

Use these tips to polish your existing ad profile, or build a new one! And don’t forget…signing up for an account on is always free.


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