McDonalds Static Billboards

Do you know why companies like McDonalds advertise on billboards? Let’s check out their ad campaign and see what makes billboard advertising so successful.

  1. Static ads vs Digital ads: Static (or printed/traditional billboards) are being replaced with digital LED screens everywhere. And while the allure may be to see your brand up in big digital lights, brands like McDonalds have been minimizing their ad budgets by sourcing affordable and effective billboard placements – including static billboards, which in most cases are significantly cheaper than digital billboards. They also give you full billboard coverage 24/7 (ie you won’t be sharing this billboard space with any other brand). Remember, digital billboards rotate ads every 6-10 seconds. So static billboards give McDonalds every opportunity to maximize their out-of-home reach, every time someone drives past their billboards and not just sometimes through the day.
  2. Coast-to-Coast: out-of-home advertising is not only one of the fastest growing ad channels, but it’s VERY effective at reaching broader audiences. It uses multiple content messages across multiple locations at the same time. So – experiment with your branding and your core messaging. And if you’re up to the task… Don’t be afraid of testing your ads in smaller (more affordable) markets before splashing out in the larger cities. McDonalds have done a great job at personalizing billboards for the cities and audiences they advertise to.
  3. It works! Quite simply, if billboards didn’t work, McDonalds wouldn’t be investing in them! And the amount of brand recall they’ve built up over the years would suggest that the advertising investment they’ve made will continue to increase ROI. To increase brand awareness, you need to commit to a brand awareness campaign that builds a relationship with your potential customers over time.

We’d love to help you find the most effective ways to advertise your business. Do you have an ad you’d like us to feature in the next #tuesdaytip? Send us a message on instagram. And if you want more tips on successful billboards, check out last week’s blog.

ADspotliight: @mcdonalds

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