Production Specs Tips

Let’s talk about PRODUCTION SPECS! It’s a good idea to understand how to get the most of your ads once they’re on display for the world to see. And the work starts in the design stage (before your advertisements go on display).

  1. UNDERSTAND THE DESIGN/PRODUCTION SPECIFICATIONS (SPECS): It’s important to know the EXACT size/dimensions of the ad placement – including print/bleed lines as well as any potential areas (like this bus ad) which would interfere with any important text or images. We wonder if this bus ad was ruined by those vents, or if the ad was intentionally designed like this? 🤔 (let us know in the comments)
  2. USE OF COLOUR: It’s very important again to choose the use of color. In this case, the orange arrows are washed-out by the blue background. A better use of colour would have been white or even yellow to match the rear bumper. And lastly;
  3. BE SPECIFIC WITH YOUR CALL-TO-ACTION? Unless this is a brand-awareness campaign, the ad isn’t asking a customer to do anything. Some customers may even be fooled for thinking that they could visit the website on the bumper and think this is the place to get more product information. Even a simple line such as “speak to your dentist about invisalign for teens” would have been better than nothing…

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