Rink Board Advertising

It’s almost hockey season, meaning you may be looking at sponsoring your local hockey arena or who better yet – your favourite NHL team

Here’s our 3 tips to get the most out of your Rink Board Advertising

Position on Rink Board Ads is Key

Rink boards located in the corners, behind the goal nets and center-ice have more face-time (and TV screen time) than any other boards on the ice These locations as also where the game slows down significantly enough that the rink boards are visible to live and online audiences. Location is everything! If you have the option to buy the premium-positioned boards, then favour these over anything else.

Less is More with rink board ads!

We can’t stress this enough – keep your ad simple. Depending on the size of your company, larger companies have the luxury of simply displaying their logo due to high brand recognition, while smaller businesses may need to include a tagline or service description or even their social media handle, but remember – the less-busier your rink board, the more it will stand out amongst the other boards. And lastly;

Know your Competition

If rink boards next to yours have a white background with colored logos/content, then use a coloured-background with a white logo. And vice-versa, if there are multiple boards that have a colored background, use a white background. It helps to know what the competition is doing to stand out amongst the crowd when designing your rink board ads.

And reach out if you need any help designing your next rink board ad. Our designers are on standby and LOVE hockey – put us to the test.

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