See, it works… But why?

Prepared by Mark Vella – Founder of @advertiise
Tuesday 25th October 2016


While spending some time in Southern Alberta, Canada, I noticed that Pattison Outdoor have added bench ads to their out-of-home advertising inventory. And this is great news not only for advertising buyers, but for the entire advertising community.

And as advertising value is becoming increasingly harder to quantify, as well as the growing shift towards digital media, Pattison have truly claimed their stake as Canada’s leader in out-of-home advertising. BOOM!!

Now call me bias, perhaps even a little excited when I see a great ad (yes, I’m that guy who watches TV FOR the ads!) but I really like this addition to Pattison’s ad inventory.

But as I drove past one… then two… then the third Pattison-branded bench ad – I was asking myself why I like these bench ads so much?

And, why was I suddenly seeing them everywhere?

The answer lies in the advertising content itself.

See, Pattison has successfully run highly captivating, engaging sale-boards for as long as I can remember. The very fact that I am writing about these bench ads and giving Pattison a free plug speaks to the fact that these bench ads are worth talking about!



So, what happens when Pattison actually sell these Ad placements? I mean, they’re not really in the business of having empty ad space and running their own ads – as much as I personally like seeing their creative department go to town with their creative awareness messages.

I’ll tell you what usually happens: Vendor sales reps will sell these highly-valuable advertising placements to businesses who know that they should be doing some form of out-of-home advertising, who then go on to piece together some poorly-crafted ad content to slap on a bench seat before the month’s end.

That, and perhaps these businesses will buy a couple of bench ads – because you know, the more people who see their boring advertisements, the more business they’ll generate, right?

Well, wrong! And the number of ads I driven right past because of boring, non-captivating, non-engaging content is alarming.


Unless you run a medium/large corporation who can afford to run advertisements as part of a Regional or National branding campaign, let this resonate to you:

“Your business can’t afford to waste valuable advertising dollars (or great advertising placements) on bad advertising content!”

See – Pattison don’t just run successful advertising messages on their bench ads – they’re running a highly-successful advertising campaign!

That’s right – every time you drive past a Pattison bench ad, or a transit ad, or billboard, or digital screen – they’re campaigning for your business, just like the businesses who advertise on their advertisements.

And that happy warm feeling you get inside when you see these ads – is derived from the cleverly-crafted actions of a company who understands great content.


So, why waste the opportunity for hundreds, if not thousands of your potential customers to see your advertising messages, only to bore them to death with bad advertising content?

Wouldn’t it be great than instead of driving past ANOTHER BENCH AD promoting the services of ANOTHER REALTOR with ANOTHER name and ANOTHER bad head-shot, that they promoted a simple message like:

SMILE!” or “YOU’RE AWESOME!  – with their logo & website?

Is it that companies are scared to try creative content, to waste every bit of printable space with generic, predictable messaging?

Who knows. Maybe they just don’t know how to put together a creative adverting campaign?

What I do know is that creative advertising will always get more eyeballs.

Good advertising placements deserve Great advertising content!

And well done to Pattison who clearly understand this!

Oh – if you’re looking for great bench advertising through Lethbridge, Alberta – message our friend Andy and he’ll get you on the right foot.

And as for creative content – our partners in advertising creative will only be too happy to help you build FREAKING GREAT ADS which people will talk about, not just drive past and forget…


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