So, what’s in a name?


Well for starters, a name can evoke a feeling, a connection, a reaction.

A name can be powerful. A name can inspire, and a name can ultimately define who you are.

At advertiise, we chose our name carefully; our name represents elements of who we are as a company, who we are as a team, and who our clients are.

People always ask, “So, why the two ii’s”?  For starters, the “ii” in our logo is the image reinforcing that advertising can be, should be, and IS unconventional. It also states the fact that here at advertiise, we aim to usher in the future of the way people advertise- think of it as Advertising 2.0 (or, Roman ii). A new generation of “advertiisers”. When you look at our branding, it is versatile and modern for the digital age, yet classic, sleek and graceful.

At advertiise, we are as unconventional a unit as the spelling itself. Our team is a talented, driven, intelligent motley-crew of respected professionals-each of who in their own right has an incredible backstory to share, and an integral piece to add to the advertiise puzzle. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of progressive technology development with our new platform; while the word “disruptors” is sometimes used, we prefer to be champions of collaborative innovation, forming not just an online advertising marketplace, but a connected ecosystem of people. Real, live people, with a common goal and a vision like ours; to unleash a world without limits of expression.

Which brings us to our clients.

Our current customers, who have been using advertiise since its inception, and each new one who comes aboard, are what help define us. They are modern, edgy, savvy, and digitally driven. They crave a different way to get their messages across to their audiences, without limits, rules, regulations…a simplistic way to connect. A way that’s not bogged down by industry practices that are hard to access, expensive, archaic, and non-transparent.  They seek out not only the classic and traditional media channels, but are constantly looking for unique opportunities, a different way to connect and share, and a central hub where buyers and sellers of advertising space can play together on one level playing field.

Where they can get more “ii’s” on themselves, more “ii’s” on their clients, and more “ii’s” on their message. Do you want more “ii’s” on you? We can make that happen!

Join the ranks of new digital advertiisers…On Nov 17th, you can see us showcase at Startup Calgary’s Launch Party 2016, in front of 700+ members of the entrepreneurial and tech community during Global Entrepreneurship Week! Get your tickets HERE to be a part of the action, and help us in bringing a new standard of advertising to the global ad community.



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