“🚀 TO THE MOON 🚀” Democratizing the Media Buying space race – one Billboard at a time.

GameStop Retail Investors band together, sticking it to Wall Street and buying billboard space across the US and showing support for the company stock.

  • Multiple signs and billboards have emerged right across the US
  • A massive digital ad was displayed in Times Square
  • Retail investors plan to continue spreading their message to the masses

It’s January 2021 and you’ve just been catapulted into a once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s common knowledge that the COVID pandemic has increased the wealth of the world’s top 10 billionaires by over US$1 Trillion. The global pandemic has led to the largest transfer of wealth from poor to rich, including the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. And this week we may be witness to the largest wealth transfer in history where the rich lose and the small guy wins.

Hedge funds such as Citadel and Melvin Capital are now losing billions (around US$70 Billion as of the weekend) trying profit from a stock market activity known as short-selling. They have yet to be successful in shorting GameStop and stopping it from further increasing in value (predictions are for the stock to hit $1000). But we won’t get into those details here.

An army of retail investors behind the GameStop stock are not backing down. And in fact they’re stepping up their stand against the Wall Street elite and are doing it with a public awareness campaign which is getting attention all over the world.

After a week of heightened activity on both sides of the fight, the “Wolves of Reddit” are striking back, making it clear that they’re here to make an impact – starting with a digital billboard in Times Square New York.

Other billboards quickly appeared right across the country over the weekend from the New York to California, with some people going as far as flying banners over the airways of RobinHood headquarters based in San Francisco.

The ads have reportedly been displayed anywhere for a day to still being displayed, and have managed to make the rounds on social media including Reddit where fellow investors are banding their support together.

“This is easily one of the greatest things to happen during our lives,” one Reddit member wrote on r/wallstreetbets, where traction originally started. The group has now increased to over 8 million members.

The Times Square billboard was created by digital marketer Matei Psatta, 29, who on Friday joined billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk on Twitter in taking a jab at short sellers reeling over their losses. 

‘Here come the shorty apologists. Give them no respect. Get Shorty,’ Musk tweeted.

‘Shorties wouldn’t have the [balls] to do this,’ Psatta replied with a photo of the billboard. 

Psatta later commented that the ad only cost $18 to run since it was sponsored by his own company. He’s revealed he’s now thinking about taking out many more. Alhough he only ran the ad in New York City for a short period of time, the momentum picked up quickly and it didn’t stop there.

Ad Buying – for all?

While platforms like Advertiise make it easy for Brands and Agencies to buy advertising space quickly and efficiently, “What we’re witnessing is the largest transfer of buying power to a mainstream community people who are accessing advertising inventory on the same playing field as the bigger industry players” – said Mark Vella, CEO of Advertiise.

“The power is quikly shifting to ‘everyday people’. We’ve welcomed the democratization of the advertising industry since our launch in 2017 and we’re committed to connecting and expanding the Advertising Community for as long as it takes – one billboard at a time”.

So what does this mean for the advertising industry and for the millions of people around the world growing their businesses or wanting to get a message out to the masses?

“It means greater access to local advertising inventory. It means more affordable and valuable advertising opportunities for everyone. And it’s a win-win for Media Vendors who are looking to tap into new business opportunities outside of working with Agencies and National Brands”.

Advertiise continues to grow and has over 250,000+ advertising opportunities represented in over 75+ countries. And 2021 is poised to be its biggest year with more inventory and buyers joining the ad network monthly.

So what does this all mean for the financial industry? We guess we’ll see. In the meantime, keep your ii’s on those billboards popping up right across the country. We have a feeling things are just getting started…

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