YouTube Ad Tips

DID YOU KNOW That Youtube is the second most-popular search engine behind google? And if you’re already advertising OR posting content to Youtube, you’ll want to keep these #tuesdaytips in mind.

  1. IT’S ALL ABOUT FIRST IMPRESSIONS: You have 5 seconds to get your audience’s attention before they SKIP >>> your ad. And no ones cares how awesome your ad was after the first 5 seconds – if they can skip your ad, they will! WOW your youtube audience and BE CREATIVE! with a great intro so they might consider watching the rest of your video. A surprisingly high number of ads waste the first 5 seconds with content that either doesn’t land with the audience or are just poorly executed.
  2. OPTIMIZE YOUR PAGE/CONTENT: It’s simple – Youtube gives us an incredible amount of ways to tag content, target keywords and position your content to the right audience. Afterall, why spend all your time creating good content if no one’s going to see it? 🤷 You cannot skim over this step if you want your videos to be seen OR reach more subscribers. We can help you optimize your youtube ads or channels too. Or you can…
  3. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! Watch what other creators or channels are doing while mapping out your content strategy. The use of a logo watermark. A certain style of music in the background. An Editing style which you think will improve your content. The speed or tone of your voice in your content…it all ads up! Research, make it work, and keep researching. Trends don’t last forever so you’ll want to stay on top of the search results by putting in the work. 

Millions of companies and people are advertising or creating content on Youtube every day. Just like our friends at Parents & Projects – who are creating some great videos! Give them some love by Subscribing to their growing channel.

We can help you with your Content Strategy, Video/content creation, and even help you get to the top of Youtube – the same way we got Advertiise to #1 in Google. Ask us on our social channels – We’re here to help. 

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